Amber is formed by resins secreted by trees solidifying. If it solidifies over living things it preserves them in exactly their original state. Resin is composed of various organic substances. It is insoluble and solidifies very fast in contact with the air. The polymerization process then commences (monomer molecules entering into chemical reactions in order to give rise to a three-dimensional chain) and the resin thus remains solid for millions of years. In this way, the living thing contained in the resin remains unchanged over millions of years since it was first frozen in time.

The mushroom amber in the above picture was found in the mineral mines in the Hukawng Valley in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. The most important feature of this amber is its age. ONE HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, THIS AMBER IS THE OLDEST KNOWN FOSSIL MUSHROOM IN THE WORLD. Like all other fossils, this mushroom amber points to a very important truth; LIVING THINGS HAVE REMAINED UNCHANGED FOR MILLIONS OF YEARS AND HAVE NEVER UNDERGONE EVOLUTION.

According to the evolutionist claim that “living things assumed their present forms by evolving from one another over millions of years,” there should be millions of transitional fossils showing that a fish turned into a reptile, or a reptile into a bird. BUT THE FACT IS THAT ALTHOUGH THERE ARE MORE THAN 100 MILLION FOSSILS THAT PROVE CREATION, THERE IS NOT A SINGLE TRANSITIONAL FORM that might confirm Darwinists’ claims. The fossil record shows that living things have existed in the same perfect form from the time when they first appeared right down to the present day. Fish have always looked exactly the same as fish, turtles as turtles, maple leaves as maple leaves, pine cones as pine cones, bear skulls as bear skulls, rabbits as rabbits, mushrooms as mushrooms, frogs as frogs and all other life forms just as they look today.



It used to be easy for Darwinists to deceive people at a time when fossils were not well known, when they were not displayed in museums or photographs of them were not published in books or on the Internet.  They used to be able to mislead people by talking of the finding of so-called “Transitional forms” or saying “Our ancestors were worms.” But now all Darwinists’ lies have been exposed. LIVING THINGS NEVER DEVELOPED BY EVOLVING FROM ONE ANOTHER, AND THAT ALSO APPLIES TO HUMAN BEINGS.  LIVING THINGS repudiate all the frauds employed to keep this falsehood alive. Nobody attaches any more credence to these lies. 
Fossils extracted from all over the world cry out “ALLAH CREATED US!” All beings reveal the sublime and immaculate creation of our Lord, Allah. Our Lord’s artistry is exhibited all over the world.